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Jianxin brand concrete mixing plant to help overseas infrastructure construction

Pakistan is an important node country of the “Belt and Road” initiative. In recent years, Chinese companies have gone global and started construction of a large number of projects. Pakistan's Kalote Hydropower Station and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor are all major projects under construction by Chinese companies overseas, and they are also major projects that will attract more attention in Pakistan in the next few years.

       concrete mixing plant
During the construction in Pakistan, the construction of the new machinery concrete mixing plant will spare no effort to give support! The construction of the new machinery is not only in the maintenance of equipment, but also in accordance with the different geological conditions and the construction difficulties of each project department. Full support! It is worth mentioning that Jianxin Machinery directly stationed two or two after-sales service personnel to the construction site to ensure the safety and normal operation of the mechanical equipment; due to the extremely complex geological conditions, Jianxin Machinery is the basis for sending senior engineers to Pakistan. Provide relevant technical guidance at the facility construction site and further guarantee the normal construction of the equipment.
       From the mouths of the operators on the construction site, we also learned that the Jianxin Machinery Concrete Mixing Plant operates very smoothly. During the mixing process, the speed is very fast and the mixing is even. There is no jamming, and it is obvious that the efficiency is very high after working. . .      
Over the years, with its outstanding performance, Jianxin brand Concrete Mixing Plant has not only won the high recognition of domestic customers, but now it is also world-renowned. The 25 countries in the “Belt and Road” initiative have a relatively good market share in the construction of new mechanical concrete mixing plants.      
At present, the customer imported from China to Pakistan to build new mechanical concrete mixing plants: HZS180, HZS120, HZS90, HZS60 and many other construction equipment. I believe that with the cooperation of Pakistani customers with Jianxin Machinery, they can make greater contributions to Pakistan's infrastructure! At present, Jianxin Machinery has become the first choice for major construction projects at home and abroad.

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